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Local Mom Feeling Cool Since Daughter Bought Same Shoes

Local Mom Sheila Cuthbert, 46, was ecstatic yesterday when her daughter came home with a set of newly purchased Blundstones. Sheila, who had bought her own pair 2 years prior, made no attempt to hold back her excitement.

“Your Momma’s pretty cool, huh?”, Sheila gloated as she prodded the now cringing Kate [daughter] in the front room. “Hey, maybe we can go shopping later and I'll help ya pick out a few things."

Kate, immediately regretting her purchase, was displaying a combination of attitude and embarrassment that only a Mom can conjure. Sources close to the family allege Sheila now brings up the shoes whenever possible, often referencing the level of comfort before looking to Kate for affirmation. In the time since the incident, mother to daughter texts have increased an incredible 312%.

At the time of publishing, Kate was spotted starring pensively at one of her Mom’s sweaters. "Is it borrowing a sweater, or knocking over a domino, setting in motion a chain of irreperable Mom interactions…"


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