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Man Injured by Child During Kingston Road Santa Claus Parade

OUTSIDE GABBY'S - Sources confirmed that a local man was violently peppered with candy canes during the Santa Clause parade. “It was an accident”, exclaimed Declan, 8, after being confronted on the centre 55 float, surprised at his own strength.

Witnesses allege Dave Houston waved Merry Christmas at the child, possibly provoking him. He then attempted to duck for cover behind his wife, but was "not fast enough". The incident brought back painful memories for the victim, who only 2 years prior, was subject to a similar parade assault carried out by Toronto's former mayor Rob Ford.

Our reporters were able to catch up with a local baseball coach who was standing by while the events unfolded. "Opportunity strikes at any moment", he beamed. "One minute you're wondering if this years Santa happens to be your neighbor Phil from up the street, the next minute you've found yourself a first round draft pick!" At this point in time, it is unclear whether or not Dave is going to persue legal action against the young Declan.

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