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Realtors extend Upper Beach area as far North as Keswick Ontario

According to leading economists, the current housing market in Toronto combined with a high demand to live in "The Beach" has caused realtors to push the boundaries of the Upper Beach farther north than ever before.

This comes as a result of realtors selling properties considered North of the Beaches and labelling them Upper Beaches to appeal to prospective buyers. Local realtor Christina Fandish spoke on the topic. "People just want to live in The Beach, whether it's steps away from the Lake or in an Upper Beach home off highway 404. I think it's the lifestyle and sense of community you get here."

The Pickle was able to contact Craig and Clarissa Smith, who recently moved their family into an Upper Beach home located just south of Keswick Ontario. "We love it here in the Upper Beach!" Said the mother of two. For many Upper Beachers, it's not about the prestige; it's about what the community offers, especially to young families.

Clarrisa spoke with reporters about the perks she's gained since joining the community. "We are just a short one-hour drive to the water! Not to mention Craig loves that he can hop on his bike and in just four hours be at the Balmy Beach Club having a beer with his rugby buddies." "I must admit I'm turning into a bit of a Beach bum."

Only time will tell what fate holds for the Upper Beach, however realtor Christine Fandish seems optimistic. "Any home north of Lake Ontario can technically be considered Upper Beaches so, I think the possibilities are endless."

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