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Mac’s Milk To Turn Up Jazz Fest

When The Pickle asked Beachers what they think the Jazz Fest needs, the clear answer was more drunk teenagers.

In an effort to encourage the aggressively drunk teenage population at the Jazz Fest, Mac’s Milk has again volunteered itself to be a part of the festivities.

“Every year teenagers find themselves completely wasted outside my store,” said Rajesh Pandit, 42, the proud owner of the infamous Jazz Fest location. “It’s an experience I think every Beach teen needs to be a part of, so this year Mac’s Milk is going to give back.”

The store owner has promised a rave-style environment, with a sectioned off area for teenagers of all blood-alcohol levels. In addition, he has offered to personally pay for any alcohol-related fine teens at Jazz fest may receive.

“It’s just horrible that these teens face legal persecution for getting a bit wasted and vomiting all over Hammersmith, that won’t happen anymore.”

This statement has been met with much support from older members of the community who admire and often live vicariously through the reckless yet remarkable levels of consumption these teens have achieved. Like The Beach Pickle on Facebook for crucial neighbourhood updates.

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