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Peppery Cat Marketing Stunt Ends with Arrest

PPRY CAT - Spirits were low Sunday morning as Peppery Cat employees geared up for yet another snail paced day. The launch party 2 weeks prior had been "spectacularly underwhelming”. So when the bar manager told employees to do “literally any marketing they could to get people through the front door”, Monica lit up with excitement.

Monica Doyle, a 19 year old server at the establishment, had been sitting on a brilliant idea since the bar’s inception. She attempted to describe her vision to coworkers. “Remember Punch Buggy no punch backs? It’ll be like that, but for the Peppery Cat!”

Confused friends only had time to shoot each other puzzled looks before she ran off.

Monica was arrested several hours later when caught shaking pepper grounds onto a house cat on Waverly Road. Reports have confirmed upwards of 100 cat pepperings throughout the Beach neighbourhood. Teenagers have also been spotted purchasing large quantities of ground pepper, apparently not wanting to miss out on the fun. Although the felines seem unharmed, there is clearly some emotional trauma to the owners who can no longer hold their pets without sneezing.

We interviewed a flustered Thomas McKenzie - The Peppery Cat's manager - who had this to say. “Since when is the word ‘literally’ interpreted literally?!” He went on to note that he has scheduled a mandatory cat sensitivity workshop for the employees. However, not everyone feels badly about the new craze. One employee noted that cat peppering has led to a sharp increase in customers.

“Genius always takes time to be recognized”, smiled Monica, now on house arrest.


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