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New Trendy Store Opens in Beaches, Closes

Amidst an array of confusion and robust economics, the newly opened trendy spot (whose location and name will remain unidentified) in the Beaches has suddenly closed, just hours into celebration of its one week anniversary.

“It was good while it lasted,” said the owner, who remained optimistic despite the early closure of his new establishment. “We were having a party for our first week in business when we completely ran out of money.”

“In hindsight, we probably should have used basic math to determine if there was a market for us, rather than opening up a trendy spot in an area where many people live but don’t shop at all.”

The situation may be dire for the owner, but he can hold his head high knowing he broke the one week survival mark - something that has not happened in the Beaches in over 3 years.

This trendy new business will join a host of other trendy spots that have seemingly been swallowed up by the Beaches. However, reports have already surfaced that an even trendier shop will be taking its place.


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