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Malvern Student Claims Connection to L.A. Gang

Reports from a 14 year-old’s troubling account reveal the life behind gangs in the Beaches.

“The streets be hard out here,” said the youth donning a blue Canada Goose Jacket, and what appeared to be diamond earrings.

The youth in question, who prefers the pseudonym “T-Money” claims that the authoritarian rule of his upper-middle-class parents drove him to the streets, as well as the admiration of long-time gang symbol Snoop Dogg. This prompted T-Money to start his own Beaches chapter of the infamous L.A. Gang, The Crips.

“I just couldn’t take it” cried T-Money, “all the chores, they even made me do homework n’ shit, parents be crazy.” After many months of tortuous living under the regime of his procreators, T-Money used the measly $20 allowance he had to start saving for something better, what he calls “the Gangster life.”

“Usually gangsta’s like me struggle on the streets to get by, but between my birthday, allowance and Christmas, I usually have enough money to buy whatever looks the most gangsta.”

This, for T-Money, allows him to act, and even appear as though he is a member of the infamous Crips gang. Although he actually still lives with his parents, T-Money affords himself all of the advantages of a tough and hardened criminal, with none of the risks associated.

Through the halls of Malvern, T-Money now walks with the swagger of a Crip, intimidating all those unbeknownst to his not-so-humble upbringings.

Will others follow? Stand by for updates.


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