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Door-to-door Beach Metro Delivery Halted, Paper Carriers Demand Union

Beaches own local newspaper, the “Beach Metro” (formally Ward 9 News) says paper delivery to homes across the area will be affected by a wildcat strike of their nearly 200 door-to-door delivery staff. Citing lack of wages and poor working conditions, the paper carriers are demanding the company agree to bring in a union. "(The forming of a union) would mean we all get paid equally for our work” said nine-year-old Thomas Bowland, a Beach Metro paper carrier for the last three years”. Going on to say, “it’s ridiculous that I get paid with a cup of hot chocolate, when other paperboys I know get to go to McDonald’s after completing their routes”. 7-year-old Kirstin Kaye, new to delivering the paper, claims working conditions are especially poor this time of year.

“I have to wear these mittens, and my nose and ears get cold”, she said in an interview with The Pickle, “...and sometimes there’s snow on the sidewalk”.

The company insists the paper carriers are all volunteer and not paid at all. They also say the delivery date is flexible. “To be honest, I’m not sure what they’re talking about... the strike makes no sense to any of us”, said one newsroom staffer, “...if it’s too cold to make the deliveries, they can do it the following day”.

Another striking worker from the upper Beaches area was seen protesting out front of the company’s head office Friday. “I’d rather be playing video games...” said Alex Robertson, 12, “…they say we’re ‘volunteers’, but I didn’t volunteer for this... my dad makes me do it, and all I get for it is 'a roof over my head'… whatever that means”.

The Beach Metro says it is looking at long term options for replacing the delivery workers if the strike continues, including recruitment of high school students in need of volunteer hours. Like The Beach Pickle on Facebook for crucial neighbourhood updates.


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