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Fox Theatre Debuts Adult Film Night - Foxy Fridays

The Fox Theatre was jam packed last Friday at the debut of their new dirty movie night - Foxy Fridays. “Ooo’s”, “Awes, and gasps were audible from outside the theatre doors where Fox owner Peter Gantt stood by for an interview.

“Pretty brilliant”, he said bursting with pride. “I mean people have been getting bored with the typical rom-com scene”. He went on, “..So when my cousin Ronny called me up to share his Brazzers account information, something just clicked!”

A roar of applause could be heard as the adult-classic 'Jurrasic Girls' had finished.

Visibly uplifted, smiling men and women were seen slowly exiting the theatre - discussing their favourite scenes from the film, several making sure to shake Peter’s hand in gratitude.

Mark Hammond and his wife were excited when asked for comment. “This is what makes the Fox so great: they serve alcohol, they are family friendly, but most of all one notices the quality of the cinematography… I tell ya, with my son checking my browser history so often I can’t watch any of the dirty movies I used to enjoy; this is where the Fox has me covered.”

Safe to say Mark and his wife will be back.

We caught Peter for one last comment before close. With tears of happiness running down his face he nodded toward the leaving guests, “Through all the hardship, these people…this is why I do it." Click Here to see what The Fox is playing tonight, and Like The Beach Pickle on Facebook for crucial neighbourhood updates.


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