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Man Donates Dreadlocks to Homeless Shelter, Claims They Are Very Warm In the Winter

ST ADNS - In an unprecedented act of kindness, Joel Williams, 54, donated virtually all of his dreadlocks to the Out of the Cold homeless shelter Wednesday evening. Williams left Neil's barber shop 4 pounds lighter, and unrecognizable even to his own mother.

"People always ask me, why do you let your hair grow so long that it hits the sidewalk? How do you go the bathroom? I tell them I do it for the people... and I tie it around my waist like a sweater." Williams continued, "I may not get the ladies I used to when I was packing that long hair, but it's a small price to pay to help those in need."

Joel can typically be seen gallivanting around Queen Street East with a hairdo even the Weeknd himself envies. Rumors also have it that Joel's strand of hair is actually stronger than bamboo.

Out of the Cold spokesperson Kenneth Waits was teary eyed at press time. "It's good people like Joel", he gasped, "when life is hard, it's good people like Joel that restore my faith in humanity". Waits confirmed that the dreadlocks will clothe upwards of 30 homeless men and women, keeping them warm for the remaining winter months.

"We are eternally grateful to Joel, he has given us hope", said one of the recipients of Joel's dreads. The Beaches will miss the classic dread man celebrity, sure, but our hearts will be a little warmer because of it. "You gave it all away??", said Joel's mother in panick. "Not all", Joel smiled, placing a single dreadlock in her hand, "You can wear it as a bracelet or a necklace." To make a donation of your own, you can find a clothing bin at Silver Birch and Queen, and Like The Beach Pickle on Facebook for crucial neighbourhood updates.

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