Fallingbrook Residents Pony Up $50 Million to Join Beaches

“We’re tired of being connected with the filth of Scarborough. I’m personally worried about my kids growing up in a community associated with such poverty and gun violence”, said resident Maria Sloan.

Citing decreased property valuation and a fear that their youth will be corrupted, parents in the Fallingbrook community have pledged to pay $50 million for the city to extend the Beaches zone past Victoria Park.

“The City of Toronto consistently ignores my plea to include us in the Beaches”, said Jim Alexander. “..And Scarborough claims they won’t sacrifice the boost in GDP."

“We can afford it, why not?” reasoned another Fallingbrooker. “I felt like spending this kind of money anyway, I’m just glad it can go to something useful. I want my kids to grow up in a better place."

Between the fat cats on Fallingbrook Drive and Fallingbrook Woods, the plan is already in motion.

The community has erected what is known as the Fallingbrook Rich Coalition (FRC), and is excited to put the four Fallingbrook streets on the map, literally. Like The Beach Pickle on Facebook for crucial neighbourhood updates.

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